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Castings Finishing

Anodised, Powder Coated & Polished Components.
Anodised, Powder Coated & Polished Components
We offer a range of finishes as detailed below.


We offer fine, medium and coarse linishing & fettling for finished components.


Deburring is achieved through rumbling either neat or with stones. We offer regular beads or polish beads for various effects.

Abrasive Blasting

We offer three types of abrasive blasting for various purposes, be that deburring runners or ensuring a consistent surface finish suitable for powder coating or anodising. Abrasive blasting options include:

Heat Treatment

We offer heat treatment for stress relief on cast parts and as a preperation for machining. Hardness values can be enhanced by heat treating to TE, TF & TB7 values.
Polished Aluminium Castings


We can supply finished products with a range of polished finishes including:

Polished finishes can be made comparable to chrome. The image to the right show a chrome handrail (top) and a polished furniture component (bottom).


We have a close working relationship with local machining companies through whom we can source machining services.

Powder Coating, Wet Spray & Stove Enamelling

Components can be supplied with a range of painted finishes to client specifications including powder coating, air dry wet sprays and stove enamelling.


Aluminium components can be anodised using either a sulphuric acid, chromic acid or hard anodising process to customer specification.


Electroplating services offered include zinc, chrome, silver, copper, brass and chrome to customer specification. Other surface coatings can be catered for, please feel free to ask for more details.
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