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Aluminium Alloys

We are aluminium casting specialists and offer are range of BS1490:1988 compliant alloys.
Aluminium Casting Ingots


LM25: A general purpose high strength casting alloy used mainly where good mechanical properties are required combined with resistance to corrosion. Typically used in the food, chemical, marine, electrical and automotive industries and commonly used for cylinder blocks and heads.

LM6: Suitable for marine 'on deck' castings, water-cooled manifolds and jackets, automotive applications, motor housings, meter cases and switch-boxes. LM6 offers excellent corrosion resistance and is suitable for castings that are to be welded. Also ideal for pump parts, for the paint industry, and food & domestic castings.

LM13: A low expansion piston alloy which is hard wearing with excellent bearing properties. Commonly used for both diesel and petrol engine pistons.

L99: General aerospace alloy, offers high strength and corrosion resistance. This standard includes full heat treatment.

LM4: General engineering applications suited for instrument cases, tool handles, switch gear and were moderate mechanical properties are required. Suited to thin forms and were castings are required to be pressure-tight. In its heat treated state LM4 castings are suited to relatively high static loadings.

L169: This is the strongest highest strength alloy, used for the most critical and demanding applications.

99% Pure Aluminium: Pure aluminium is ideal for cookware and catering equipment.

Specialist Aluminium Alloys

We also offer the following aluminium alloys.

Accredited Sources

All of our stock is supplied through ISO 9002 accredited sources with relevant certification available where required.

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